Inspiration And Productivity Hot Tip Every Entrepreneur Needs


If you're one of those people who is ready to overcome distractions, then here is a hot tip you need to know if you want to avoid having to complete tasks you don't enjoy.

The Main Idea Here Is: Understand The Difference Between Want To And Need To

The key idea with this is the fact that most people focus on what we like, so we never build up interest and skills for what we need to do.

Everyone needs to understand this means if you constantly stay in "I like it" mode you'll be engaged in activity all the time and feel like you're busy, but you're actually just spinning your wheels.

People need to understand this hot tip spells the difference between success and failure because most people stay permanently stuck in "what I like" mode through the whole day. If you do this you'll constantly be "engaged" but never get important things done. And, when you get home at night you'll be exhausted and depressed because you didn't accomplish anything meaningful during the day... only to wake up again tomorrow to repeat the process.

My advice at this point is to

  1.  Make a list of all the "stuff" you need to get done
  2. Ask yourself a question about each item on the list: "If I don't do this today, what happens?" If the answer is some short term pain or internal battle, then it's probably urgent.
  3. Ask yourself another question about each item on the list: "If I don't do this today, what happens 6 months from today? A year from today? 5 years from today?" If the answer is long term pain or failure, then it's probably important.

So, do you have to choose between the two and only do one? No! Just make time in your day for BOTH urgent and important tasks. Schedule them and get them done..

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