Inspirational gifts for you.


We spend so many of our days on earth listening and feeding on "I CAN'T & WE CAN"T. We often end up facing life already defeated.  Today you will begin changing that to I CAN, I WILL and I AM.

What you see, hear, talk about, share daily and surround yourself with makes all the difference. If you want to know who you will be in the next five years try this exercise;

  1. Look around you and identify the closest 5 people who influence you the most.The people you spend most of your time with. Friends, family, colleagues. (your children count as 1)
  2. Do they "actively" pursuing the same or higher goals and aspirations as yourself?
  3. Are you often the brightest in the group?

If the answers score 2 our of 3, you need to GROW.

  • Who you surround yourself with determines your future
  • Readers are leaders - as you grow the body, grow the mind - Feed your dreams with KNOWLEDGE
  • Don’t wish for less challenges  - Wish for more wisdom - IDEAS are the first step, ACTION is the new Key step to success.


If you want to be fed with weekly ASPIRATIONAL PURSUITS to will keep you on track, CLICK HERE and SHARE YOUR GOALS. Be sure to watch the Bi - Monthly Episodes of A MOTIVE MOMENT WITH KANI O

You will have many of these beautiful inspirational cards to keep around you, insert as your screen saver and find creative ways you can begin to FOCUS your environment positively and help your mindset stay positive and driven to your chosen VISION.