Our Story

I'm inspired that you have taken the time to discover more about motivation.

Have you ever found yourself knowing what to do, but... somehow not really feeling like doing it? On the other hand you can catch yourself spending countless hours doing what you "love" or enjoy doing.  Yep, no surprise there; we are emotional beings.  We excel when we feel great and don't do so well when the mood is down.

Great News! How would you like to feel great and achieve much more no matter what? You can because you have the power to control what you feel. Sounds "strange" ey? Well what you FOCUS on determines the way you feel. If you want to change it CHANGE your focus!.

Personal habits created over time do a lot to direct where we go daily, what we do and how we do it. We are a sum total of the habits we have built up. If you don't like them, CHANGE them. I'm not saying it will be a click of the finger. It took you a while to build up your tastes and likes and it can take a while to adjust them. Notice I said ADJUST.  Progress requires consistency, but you will get there.

On A Motive Moment with Kani O, we try to help you find the best of yourself through inspiration, introspection and action. The more you LEARN the more you GROW.


It is my passion to help as many people as possible (including myself) daily find the best of themselves and archive the highest possible goals they set their mind to. I can't do it alone but with your assistance I'm certain you can learn to focus on the right things, discover your VISION, set positive and exciting GOALS and wake up each day happy to face the day and become even more than you were the day before.

Life is indeed richly rewarding and so exhilarating when we are having fun. We refuse to grow old, we stand bold and undeterred by challenge.

This is my wish for you everyday. It's a gift, lets unwrap it together.